Welcome to Joyful Tenacity! This is intended to be a journal of sorts about my life and my goal to bring a spirit of positivity and courage to everything. Hence, joyful tenacity! Life isn’t always easy but it’s what and how (both are essential) you make it work…and work well! Join me as we navigate the world together, uplifting one another and celebrating triumphing over trials.

So, who am I anyway? Well, that’s part of following my blog! To start, I’m from the USA with West African roots. I work full-time and am currently balancing year 2 of grad school. I’m a flexitarian, mostly plant-based (vegetarian) with some vegan tendencies as well. All to go along with my fitness journey. Finally, I’m a culture enthusiast, sometimes traveler, wanna be theater actor, so expect to see all of these adventures (and perhaps misadventures). Ultimately, I just want to add some positivity and love to the world. It’s not always roses but I stay resilient. Let’s discover our joyful tenacity.

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In joy and tenacity,