It’s World Gratitude Day!

Today is World Gratitude Day! While we often channel feelings of gratitude after a specific action or the holiday season, what about gratitude on a daily basis? Personally, I know the importance of gratitude yet it is easier to focus on all the things that I’m not grateful for. While I don’t consider myself aContinue reading “It’s World Gratitude Day!”

Happy Positive Thinking Day!

It’s September 13th which means it’s Positive Thinking Day! It’s also the last day of the workweek and precursor to the weekend. Notice I didn’t mention which day of the week it is–if I did, it would take this post in a different direction. 😉  I heard there is a Defy a Superstition day, whichContinue reading “Happy Positive Thinking Day!”

September resolutions?

September. New month, new me? This by far has to be one of the most popular months of the year.  I know, I know–there’s stiff competition out there.  January and December represent beginning and closing of the year, there is whichever month is your birth month, and there are summer months. Speaking of summer, SeptemberContinue reading “September resolutions?”