Don’t Worry, Be Merry! Quick holiday decor & activity ideas

Feeling the holiday cheer vibes!

Hi Friends! It is December. A time of holidays, togetherness, hustle and bustle and general good cheer. Now let’s not kid ourselves, it’s not all love out here as people are rushing to get presents and all the like but overall, there is community energy. At the time of this post, the month is more than halfway over but rather than looking at all the things I haven’t quite done, I am choosing to focus on what has gone well this month such as signing up for those online learning classes or successfully continuing my acting classes (more on that on an upcoming post!) I’ll talk more about lessons learned and the like to wrap up the month but for now, let’s focus on the fun.

Today I finally created my first flat lay! If you’re wondering what that is, you’ve likely seen it many times but may not have known what it is. A flat lay, according to Teagan of TechTipsWithTea, is “a picture taken from a birds eye view of a collection of items laid out on a flat surface…” So basically, a flat lay is a birds eye view of items that create new imagery. The lead image in today’s post is all about December seasonal elements. While I could point out multiple things to do differently, I am just posting it because this is my part of the blogosphere and thus, a non-judgment zone! Creator’s prerogative, let’s say 🙂

Target recently posted a holiday bingo on Instagram of multiple seasonal activities. Some were clever (‘last-minute Target run’) and others were like DO. NOT. WANT (“catch a cold”). It got me in a good mood thinking about what I’ve done already and what else might be in store. Let’s play along.


  • Wear a scarf
  • Lost a glove 😦
  • Watch a cheesy holiday movie (Lifetime. OWN. Hallmark–channels have been in heavy rotation)
  • Holiday baking (more to come including a blog post for ideas!)
  • Online shopping
  • Bought cozy socks
  • Wear matching pajamas (that’s really all the time TBH)
  • Go to Target

What’s in store:

  • Rock an ugly sweater (yes y’all…follow my Instagram for that look!)
  • Spend time with the fam
  • Eat a candy cane
  • Give a gift
  • Receive a gift (I take nothing for granted but feel the probability is favorable)
  • Drink a peppermint mocha (bonus points if it’s a vegan shake from HipCityVeg?)
  • Overplaying Christmas music (cue Mariah Carey & Donny Hathaway)

…and so much more! I had this whole calendar planned of events but now I’m just going with the flow and focusing on the joy, fun, and peace. How about you? Does this time of year bring you good cheer? What do you look forward to? Let me know in the comments! Whatever you do, wishing you a safe, healthy, and happy time. ‘Tis the season!

With joy, tenacity, and good tidings,


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USA born, West African strong! I'm a creative Millennial introvert who loves all things style, books, and art. DC metropolitan. Rooted in positivity and love 💕. Oh yeah, I'm trying to master this whole adulting thing. Follow my journey (@whatniaknows)!

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