Autumn adventures

Join me as we revisit all of my fall favorites!

Hello friends! It’s been a long while since I’ve posted. How are y’all doing? Hopefully well. My fall season started with somewhat of a bang and not in the best way. Despite all of my protective measures, I caught an awful seasonal cold right away. How Sway?! I use hand sanitizer and soap like water! I got over it and please believe I got the flu shot because I can’t be having illness stop my grind. There’s too much fun to be had to be sitting down. Though if you are sick—please, please, PLEASE take care of yourself. Allow yourself to rest, recover, and just be. But back to the Fall adventures…

The Fall/Autumn season is by far one of my favorite seasons. I love everything about October and November where everything comes to life (yes, I know fall runs from mid-September to mid-December but October and November are where it’s at). The pumpkin and burnt orange aesthetic, nice warm bowls of oatmeal, the fashion, and of course, SWEATER WEATHER! We can’t forget the occasions–Halloween and Thanksgiving for my USA friends and the most important occasion of all, my BIRTHDAY (Scorpio season!!) So here are a few of my favorite moments:

Fall Harvest fun at the Farm

Admiring all the pumpkins at a local farm

Despite living in a metropolitan city, there are lots of rural areas where family farms abound. Some of these farms have been around since the 1800’s and are less than 45 minutes from me. Yet in all this time, I hadn’t been to one in over 10 years and when I did go, it was never for pumpkins. It was actually for donuts, LOL. So after being enticed by all the people doing it for the ‘gram, (Instagram) I ended up identifying not one but two farms that had fall festivals. I’m talking hay rides, viewing live farm animals just living, corn mazes, and pumpkins—all things pumpkins! And please believe, I did all of these things twice. It was truly so much fun! Both times I went with my dad and it was awesome to connect in this way. Equally important, I gained deeper appreciation and respect for farmers, their work and dedication. New meaning to pumpkin spice and everything nice!

The fall feels….that you can taste!

All about that Chai!

Imagine this. Mornings are cool enough to make you question the season (is it winter?!) and afternoons make you grab that nice fall jacket and sweater. While the variation may require a trip to the mall, the nice part about that is grabbing a seasonal beverage. Now I know Pumpkin Spice Latte is all the rage but honestly, I’ve never been about the PSL life. Give me Chai latte anytime. Whatever you choose, this season brings out all of the rich flavors. During this season, I enjoyed Chai, Turmeric Lattes (golden milk), and some apple cider, which crosses fall and winter seasons. Ahhh, I can taste it now.

Displays of fall enchantment

Amazing fall display at the MGM Hotel! Love their seasonal conservatory displays!

To recap, my favorite fall experiences included:

  • Fall festival activities
    • Hayrides
    • Pumpkins
    • Corn maze
  • Lattes (Chai)
  • Larger-than-life Fall displays (MGM and City Center)
  • Outdoor concert by local bands
  • Wearing all things orange and goldenrod!
  • Family time
  • Farm-baked goods and apple pie ice cream

What did you enjoy about the fall season? What is the weather like where you live? Jacket/sweater weather or something else? I am curious to know how you navigated temperatures particularly if an area that isn’t generally cool. How did you manage the prevalent fall aesthetic? Let me know in the comments!

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Until next time…..with joy and tenacity,


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