Recipe: Golden Milk Oats

It’s officially the fall season now. Depending on where you live, chances are that you haven’t quite gotten to sweater weather. Here in DC, summer is refusing to go quietly. If you are like me, you’ve already turned over your closet to autumn looks with only a few remaining summeresque outfits still available.

The same might also be true for your meals. While it is getting slightly cooler in the mornings, I am still not fully wanting to switch to hot breakfasts knowing that the temperatures are still quite warm out. Enter golden milk oatmeal. The color is yellow which reminds me of summer and is just light enough where I feel nourished but the oats are not sticking to my bones (to borrow an elder’s expression!) The recipe I used is from MindBodyGreen 5 Anti-Inflammatory Breakfast Ideas Easy Enough for Any Weekday Morning . In my adaptation (photo below), I used oat milk and added fruit garnishes.

Golden Milk Oatmeal (@joyfultenacity)


1 cup oatmilk (I used Silk’s Oat Yeah plain)

1/2 cup Quaker rolled oats

1 tsp ground turmeric

1/2 tsp ginger

sprinkle of black pepper

Toppings: 1/2 banana, 1/3 c blueberries, 2 strawberries chopped, Inno Foods Organic Coconut Clusters (includes superseeds)

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USA born, West African strong! I'm a creative Millennial introvert who loves all things style, books, and art. DC metropolitan. Rooted in positivity and love 💕. Oh yeah, I'm trying to master this whole adulting thing. Follow my journey (@whatniaknows)!

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