Meatless Monday: Lentil & Mushroom Pasta

Happy Monday, folks! If you’re like me, Mondays are the ease into the week days. The weekend has ended and the countdown to Friday begins again! Okay, here at Joyful Tenacity, we are all about embracing each day…so the countdown to Friday resumes on Wednesday 😉

Anyway, along with getting underway with all things planning for the week, there is the matter of meals. If you were able, you did a lot of meal prep on Sunday. If you have not, all is not lost for healthy eating during the week! This is where the beauty of Pinterest and social media platforms come to the rescue.  You can find an easy, quick recipe right online including on this very blog.  That’s right, I’ve got my first recipe to share with you all.  As an added bonus, this recipe is vegan and vegetarian-friendly.  Regardless of your diet, you can easily adapt this recipe to be all that you need.  Here are the things you will need:

2019-09-08 19.06.15.jpg

Lentil & Mushroom Pasta

  • 1 cup cooked lentils
  • 1/2 cup mushrooms
  • Pasta (I used Barilla Chickpea Casarecce for added protein)
    • You will follow the pasta’s cooking directions
  • Sauce (I used Bertolli’s Marinara)
  • Fresh veggies (i.e. zucchini, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, etc.)

Now I know you are wondering if that is all. Nope, because I intend to make my content interactive, I’ve created a video for you (my first ever!)


I hope you enjoy the video and a nice, simple dinner for your plant-based pleasure! If you would like to see other types of recipes or videos in general, please let me know in the comments! Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow me on Instagram!

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USA born, West African strong! I'm a creative Millennial introvert who loves all things style, books, and art. DC metropolitan. Rooted in positivity and love 💕. Oh yeah, I'm trying to master this whole adulting thing. Follow my journey (@whatniaknows)!

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