Rising into Fall

It’s officially the Fall season! Sweater weather, soup and stew season, and the foliage. Oh those beautiful colors…and the fashion, bring on the fashion! As I reflect on the summer, it has been such a hectic and intense ride. First, I finished grad school. Hallelujah 🙌🏾 and all the praise. Working full time and attending school for two years was no joke but I am glad for all I’ve learned. Much of which is coming in handy full force at work. Even though you shouldn’t say never, it’s pretty safe that I won’t be enrolling in another degree program for a while…

As I shared last week, I am in the midst of a 21-day vegan challenge. Overall, it’s been going well. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve been seeing the meal posts. The hardest part in that sense is taking photos. When I’m in between meetings, girl just needs to eat not take pictures. Lol. 😉 On a real note, I’ve been completely unbalanced. While my eating has been consistent, my exercise has not. It is indeed true that diet, exercise, and lifestyle go together. Though my fitness routine has been anything but, I am grateful for the ability to reset…and reset again.

As the Fall season begins and progresses, I look forward to firming up eating and fitness habits, enjoying this new found time for leisure, and just enjoying life and love (and the style…I live for style). There’s no shame in starting again! What are you looking forward to?

In joy and resilience,





Published by Nia

USA born, West African strong! I'm a creative Millennial introvert who loves all things style, books, and art. DC metropolitan. Rooted in positivity and love 💕. Oh yeah, I'm trying to master this whole adulting thing. Follow my journey (@whatniaknows)!

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